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Many blue chip companies are embracing wellbeing – “A healthy business is good business.” With an investment in wellbeing companies are finding that money is saved on absenteeism – in 2016 over 137 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury caused by stress, depression, minor ailments, back pain, etc.

Corporate wellbeing programmes are known to increase the happiness, engagement and productivity of staff.  Helping people to be more resilient and creative. The workshops Deborah runs are fun and informative.  They include experiential, evidence based, positive psychology interventions, which enable the participants to gain practical and effective skills which are easily integrated into their lives and work.

How positve psychology can help businesses

Healthier staff

Work related stress accounts for at least 35% of work related ill health (UK National Statistics, 2014).

Increased productivity

Lower happiness is systematically associated with lower productivity (Oswald, A., Proto, E., Sgroi, D., 2014, Happiness and Productivity, University of Warwick).

Increased creativity

Business is more about emotions than most business people care to admit. Dr. D. Kahneman, Nobel Prize in Economics, Princeton University.

Better relationships

Employees are able to build better, stronger relationships both internally and with clients.

Reduced staff turnover

Bringing wellbeing into the culture of an organisation has been found to increase staff retention and loyalty to the company.  Companies also become more attractive to new employees and they find that they are attracting a higher calibre of people.

Decreased stress levels

Stress and depression costs European businesses £77 Billion per year (Kings College, London, 2014).

Employee Wellness Programmes

Employee wellness programmes are tailored to individual businesses and can cover a wide range of areas including:

  • How to Grow Your Own Happiness
  • Mindfulness workshop
  • The Science of Happiness
  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Gratitude & hope
  • Strengths recognition
  • Goal setting
  • Positivity, resilience & motivation
  • Purpose & flourishing

All programmes use scientifically proven, evidence based methods to Grow Your Own Happiness.

Deborah’s understanding of the subject and her practical experience of applying it to the day to day society is most inspiring.

Venerable K. Ariyarathana, London Buddhist Vihara

Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness is a popular aspect of positive psychology that’s increasingly being used within leading corporate organisations, including those in the technology and finance sectors. Deborah has taught mindfulness to individuals within groups, schools, universities and businesses for over 25 years, both internationally and across the UK.

Guest Speaking

Deborah is a popular speaker who engages the audience; her passion for her subjects is infectious.

Client focus: Weight Watchers

“Deborah’s Grow Your Own Happiness workshop led to us explore how positive psychology could support our members in losing weight, becoming happier and healthier. Deborah worked closely with us throughout 2015 as we developed a curriculum to train our Leaders to incorporate a set of happiness skills into their discussions with members.

Her expertise was invaluable in guiding us and some of our international colleagues towards the best way to bring these skills (such as mindfulness, gratitude, positivity, resilience, strengths) to life in a relevant and down to earth way, to enhance our members’ experience with Weight Watchers.”

Julia Westgarth, Programme Development Manager, Weight Watchers UK Ltd.

Deborah also writes a regular column in the Weight Watchers magazine.

View some of the articles Deborah has written.

It was so valuable in so many ways and the feedback received was incredibly positive from all attendees. The benefits were both personal and professional and I highly recommend her workshop to others.

Martha Lourey-Bird, Director, Weight Watchers Australasia

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