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Deborah Smith

Deborah Smith has more than 25 years experience working with people as a Graduate Psychologist, Integrative Psychotherapist and Positive Psychologist therefore her understanding of people and psychology is profound. She has practiced and taught mindfulness meditation for over 25 years.

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Qualifications & approach

Deborah qualified as a Graduate Psychologist in 1991 and has an MSc in Positive Psychology.  She has run a private psychotherapy practice since 1992 treating a wide variety of clients with a range of different problems and issues.

She is an Integrative Therapist who has trained in all the main forms of therapy therefore enabling her to give an individualistic approach to each client.  She treats every client as an individual.  She doesn’t believe in trying to make the therapy fit the client but rather tailors the therapy to the client.

She is also a qualified hypnotherapist and uses hypnotherapy as a tool to aid the therapy when appropriate i.e. for phobias, desensitisation, accessing repressed memories or for stress relief and relaxation.

Her MSc in Positive Psychology combined with her qualifications in psychology means she has a comprehensive knowledge of both ends of the human condition; mental health and ill-health.

Positive psychology focuses on optimal functioning, wellbeing and happiness whereas psychology focuses on what goes wrong with people on a psychological level, ie., depression and anxiety.

There are very few people in the world who are qualified in both psychology and positive psychology.  This gives her a unique insight into the psychological workings of people’s minds and ability to enable them to not only transcend their difficulties but reach their goals, optimal wellbeing and happiness.


Deborah was born and raised in London.  She moved to rural Wales to raise her son and then moved to Bath in 2000.  This gives her an understanding of urban and rural life as well as life as a parent.

Deborah Smith gave an excellent talk at the London Buddhist Vihara. Her talk was on mindfulness… her practical experience of applying it to the day to day society is most inspiring. Deborah speaks with wisdom and compassion.

Venerable K. Ariyarathana, London Buddhist Vihara

Guest Speaking

Deborah is a popular speaker who engages the audience; her passion for her subjects is infectious.


Deborah has featured in a number of publications, some of which are available to view online.

She has also been invited on various radio shows as an expert in her field and participated in panel discussions.

Mindfulness Videos

Guided mindfulness meditations by Deborah. The videos range from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.


Deborah has extensive experience with Mindfulness and has designed and run multiple research projects which have studied the positive impact of mindfulness on both children and adults in various settings.


Clients, both corporate and psychotherapy, have sent the following testimonials on their experience of Deborah’s work.

Here are a range of testimonials that Deborah has received from both corporate and psychotherapy clients.

She is gentle in her approach and without judgement, which makes it easy to really open up. I have also found her pragmatic which supports effective and impactful action following our consultations.

Emily, Bath

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